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The text went by to fast, and he English could've been better, but since it appears to not be your native language, it's understandable. The text speed is inexcusable though.

DeronMadness responds:

Okay thanks.

Very good. I'd like to know what to use to animate Madness, and how to do it though. I've been using MS Paint to polish and creates sprites (I've got a pretty cool character with a few more-or-less customized weapons) but obviously I can't use Paint to animate. Help? Or know anyone that could help? (I know you professional animatorz be busy.)

Kelzad responds:

We all use Adobe Flash. There's different versions, though. The most common, that works best on older or worse computers, would be Flash 8. If you have a better computer, then the CS3 to CS6 would probably fit you the best. I wouldn't advice using the CC collection, as they're not as good as the CS collection.

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That was hard... Really cool though. At first I didn't even realize it was a game. Nice work, man! But I thought it would've been kind of cool if when you encountered the soldier if you did nothing he would shoot the zombie behind you and then you team up. Cuz' zombie rule #1, never go alone.

One ultra tower and then... Lasers. Lasers everywhere.

Pretty cool. But here is how Steve would do it: Punch dirt until he has a 3-meter deep hole. Seal up the top with dirt. Wait. :P

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This is awesome, and I always wonder how you guys do the things you do. Have you considered streaming yourself making these? I think a lot of people would actually enjoy seeing how you create songs from start to finish. I know I would.

Wish we had more works like this from you, Waterflame. This is one of your best works IMO, even today. Everybody Bounce was also amazing. I really would like to watch you create things like this, to understand just how you do it.
Great work, 10/10, would and still do listen to it again and again.

Gud, a bit harsh on the ears, but may just be my volume settings. I would still smooth out the transitions a TINY bit. They seem a bit too abrupt. Good job, using it for a GD level!

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A lot of details on the scythe are missing. The entire gun part: barrel, scope, magazine, etc. Also the grip and some patterns here and there. The moon is whole, Ruby's head looks weird, and her arms and torso are too skinny. There are also a lot of minor details EVERYWHERE that are missing.

Yaaaaay, Rwby. Now we just need an animation/game. Madness RWBYfication anyone?

PENETRATE! ALL THE NIPPLES!!! No srsly you should do a nipple penetration. (A girl with a dick in her nipples.)

Jcdr responds:

Sorry, nipple penetration disturbs me

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